Kansas City Charity Organizations Helping Cancer Patients

Kansas City Charity Organizations Helping Cancer Patients

We are all aware that cancer has invaded our lives in all circles, from family to friends and colleagues.  It is important that we learn the various aspects of combating cancer, preventing and treatment.  There are dedicated organizations that help in dealing with different types of cancer in different levels, from the youngest to the eldest among us.

All these organizations are aimed at sensitizing people about cancer, helping them in diagnosis, prevention, management and treatment of various cancerous afflictions.  They have a hand in the recovery and stability of many cancer patients as well as their families.

There are also those charities that pick up from treatment and cure to ensuring that survivors land on their two feet.  They support cancer survivors and promote health and support for the same.

Which organizations are these and what exactly do they do?

Top of the list is the Kansas City Royals and Royals Charities.  They were created in 2001 and are committed as actively as members of the community and region of Kansas City. The Royals Charities aims at supporting children, youth baseball/softball, education and the military within and around the area of Kansas City. Working hand-in-hand Glass family, Royals Charities and the Kansas City Royals are proud to be associated in partnership with Braden’s Hope for Childhood Cancer organization, to changing lives in these areas.

This organization offers treatment and support before and after diagnosis of the cancer patients.  They also aid in find resource to pay for treatment.  They assist in coming to terms with the cancer sickness and walk with you during this trying moments.

Ribbons of Pink Foundation is an organization that helps young survivors of breast cancer.  They do this by promoting breast health and supporting of the young people who survive this disease.

This organization was formed by a survivor of cancer who though is completely free of the disease, was disappointed by how the survival statistics had dropped, for the African-American women.  This was due to socio-economic facts and other cultural factors that were contributing negatively to the recovery of these women.  The founder discovered that when the women acquire a higher degree of learning and have access to health care, there are better odds for survival.

The foundation holds fundraising for younger patients which has served to benefit American Cancer Society.  This organization has made great impacts in the Kansas City Area.

There is also the R. A. Bloch Cancer Foundation whose primary goal is funding projects that help cancer patients have the best chance of fighting the disease and do it as easily as possible.  The foundation also ensures that people know how to become immune to cancer and also how to eliminate the cause of this disease and ways in which they can get cured.

The foundation offers its services free of charge and there are no calls to cash collection.  They only accept contributions and donations to ensure continuous flow of funds to help more and more cancer patients.  A noble course it is.