Why I love My Home Town of Kansas City

Why I love My Home Town of Kansas City

Prepare for anything

I will give you this, Kansas City is not for everyone. On the other hand, you can say that about any place in the world. One thing is for certain, Kansas City is not like any other place.

And that’s why I love it.

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You can feel free

The city is spacious. Take New York, for example. People barely have room to turn because every square inch is so damn expensive. Not in Kansas.

It’s a vibrant and modern place, but not overcrowded.

It also helps that the city doesn’t have any major attractions. There are nice places and spectacular landmarks, especially war themed, but there is no Grand Canyon, if you know what I mean. But that is also a blessing of sorts because there are no obnoxious tourists here, looking to only meet celebrities or make a selfie from the top of the Statue of Liberty.

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From Summer to Winter

What I personally love about Kansas City is that it’s mild. We get to enjoy the fund of the summer and the winter. But it’s never Texas-style hot or Minnesota-style cold. not too much. And that’s amazing.

Kansas City is perfect for reaching both the East coast as well as the West coast. The only drawback to that is the lack of coastal line in Kansas itself. But it can be worse.

Everyone will find a home here

Kansas City is also very welcoming. From the suburbs to the downtown, each area is very distinct but also close to each other. Because housing in Kansas is affordable, you will meet all kinds of people here. You will get tons of invitations to BBQs, because everyone here is really friendly.

Kansas City is not posh, we have nothing to be up tight about. But we do love our local food, art as well as sports. Actually, Kansas loves any type of sports or gaming including esports and gambling.

If you are looking for some free spins to play, or stand with the best fans in the world, Kansas is a place for you.

Come visit us in Kansas City

This is not an ad. It’s just happened to be that historically, geographically and economically Kansas City is a place for the Average Joe’s. If you are ever around, please hit us up, let’s meet and, if you are not from around here, we’ll organize a BBQ.

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