Top Attractions in Kansas City

Top Attractions in Kansas City

Kansas City is home to great attractions and destinations from any angle.  From museums, entertainment, world-class shopping and dining and the famed BBQ-Kansas City.  Kansas City is famed for being home to some of the most amazing tourist attractions, making it a destination worth the travel.

Here are a few great reasons why you should visit Kansas City as a destination of choice.

Kansas City Zoo and IMAX

Having gone through major transformation over a couple of years, it boasts over 200 acres that host over 900 animals.  As sure as dawn, this is the only zoo around the world where one can see animal species from all the continents.  There are shuttles, trams and a train and, despite the bumpy route, it is worth the travel.

Liberty Memorial and National WW1 Museum

This is the official World War 1 Museum in the United States.  The centre honours the memory of those who served, and the sacrifices made. There is also an interactive exhibit that shows the WW1 consequences and the general effect it had on the US as a whole.  This is also a leading educational institute cum resource of WW1.

18th and Vine Jazz District

The history of Kansas City in a capsule.  19th and vine Jazz District is a tribute, fitting in honour of the famous Jazz and Negro Leagues Baseball.  This is what played the most part in placing the city on the map. Comprising of the Gem Theatre, Negro Leagues and Jazz Museum.

Union Station/Science City

There is plenty to do and see in this fully interactive science city famed for Rail Exhibit to movies, thick Dead Sea Scrolls and Titanic exhibits and planetarium shows.  A great destination to visit.

Country Club Plaza

The world-famous club that wins a spot in one of Kansas City’s top attractions.  Famously known as The Plaza was the first entertainment, dining and outdoor shopping district in the US.  The Plaza lights will amaze you while you dine and enjoy that romantic ride on a carriage.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

This is one of the most treasured gems of Kansas City.  Nelson-Atkins prides in hosting one of the most impressive collection of over 2,000 works of art all the way from 10th Century BCE.  Your eyes will not get tired from a whole day’s looking at the artefacts.

Powell Gardens

Located just east of Kansas City, is an amazing sight of blooming flowers and plants all year round.  The display varies with season and so breaks the monotony.  The Café Thyme and the beautiful chapel are just nearby for your enjoyment.

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

Named after the 33rd president of the US, hosts an amazing collection of artefacts that are tied to presidents.  From gifts to political memorabilia and other special artefacts form the Truman reign.

These are but some of the attractions that makes Kansas City stand out from other Cities in the US.  A beautiful and wondrous travel destination indeed.